ftdi usb 2.0 to rs232 serial db9 cable
March 12, 2017
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Original PL2303 Chipset USB to Serial Cable


Model No:YT-UD02


Product Description:
The Serial USB-RS232 is a high quality, high performance bi-directional port powered USB to RS232 converter in a 9 pin format. It can convert any standard full duplex USB port to a RS232 signal in either direction. The USB to RS232 converter is powered by the FTDI chipset making it compatible with most computer systems and operating systems. The unit is powered from the USB port and requires no external power. It also features data direction auto-turnaround eliminating the need for flow control.. The USB-232-2 has a Type A female connector on the USB side and a DB9 male connector on the RS232 side. The FTDI software drivers are included in the package. The USB-232-2 uses the latest FTDI chipset and is fully compatible with Windows 7/ Vista / XP / 98 / Server 2008 / Server 2005 / Server 2003 /Server 2000 (32 BIT). Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008 / Server 2005 / Server 2003 (64 BIT), Win CE, Mac 8.6 / 9.x / 10.x and Linux.

Product Features:
•Plug-and-Play (hot-pluggable)
•USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
•Port powered – no external power needed
•Supports 300 baud to 460,800 baud rates
•Supports all RS-232C signals: TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, RI and GND
•6 feet (1.8m) cable for convenience
•Transmit/Receive LED indicators
•Data direction auto-turnaround – no flow control necessary
•Internal 128/385 byte TX/RX buffers
•No IRQs, IO, DMA required. No IRQ conflicts
•Supports remote wakeup and power management
•Easy to install included drivers
•Built-in surge and static protection
•RoHS, CE certified

Additional information
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