db9 female RS232 to usb with ft232rl chipset
PL2303 USB 2 Port Serial DB-9 RS-232 Adapters with FTDI Chipset
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FTDI Chipsets USB Serial Adapter, 2-ports – PRO


Model No:YT-UD04


Product Features:
1.Standard USB To 2 RS-232 Adapter.
2.Easy to install , Plug & Play.
3.PDA RS-232 Port support.
4.56K Modem support.
5.Serial Mouse support.
6.Serial PC camera support.
7.Fully compliant with USB Spec.
8.For Win-98/se/me ,Win-2000,Win-NT up 5.0 Ver,Win-XP, Win7/8/10,MAC OS. 8.6 up ,Linux,etc.
9.USB1.1 & USB2.0 compatible.
10.Data rate :Over 250kbps
11.RS-232 for DTE Mode

Product Specification:
DB-9 Pin assignment
Pin1 : DCD <== IN Pin2 : RXD <== IN Pin3 : TXD ==> OUT
Pin4 : DTR ==> OUT
Pin5 : GND
Pin6 : DSR <== IN Pin7 : RTS ==> OUT
Pin8 : CTS <== IN Pin9 : RI <== IN

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