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ftdi chipset usb to rs485 converter cable


Model No:YT-URS485


Product Description:
This USB to RS-485 converter cable with the chipset built into the USB connector. This design offers a convenient way of connecting your RS485 devices directly to the RS485 wires of this 485 converter cable or via the a two-piece screw terminal connector for easy disconnection.
The processor chip in this converter cable is the high performance FTDI chip which is compatible with all versions of Windows (32- and 64-bit), Mac and Linux.
Besides the RS485 D+, D- and GND signals this converter cable also provides an addtional +5VDC at the 485 end which can be used for powering your device if needed.

Product Features:
1.USB port-powered.
2.Compact high performance solution.
3.Indication LED lights for TX, RX and Power.
4.Interface: Terminal header + stripped wires.
5.Automatic Send Control.
6.Up to 32 nodes in network configuration.
7.With Original FTDI FT232RL+LT1785 Chipsets.

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